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A real-feel 3D generated virtual event venue, live or digital host, spectacular visual experience, full interaction with your guests and customized branding.


Have an offline live stage and studio setting, without public present and welcome your audience, using the interactive and visual capabilities of our platform.


Combination of a real live event, boosted with the interactive and visual power of our platform.

  • Fully 3D generated studio
  • Physical studio + 3D enviroment
  • Physical venue + 3D enviroment
  • Online
  • Online + VIP guests in the studio
  • Online + offline
  • Virtual / real
  • Virtual / real
  • Virtual / real
  • Live streaming
  • live on stage + live streaming
  • live on stage + live streaming

Plus all the functionalities of the platform

Your brand identity
Interactions between audience and host
Real-time playback
Conference calls and participation
Live Q&A with the audience
Real-time surveys & polls
Private mails
Lobby chat
Customizable 3D environment
Live reactions
Amazing visuals
Role management
Ease of use
Access from every point in the world
Camera directing
Event management
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